Request a new graphic

Date adopted: 
November 28, 2018
Last update: 
March 16, 2022

Follow this process to develop new supporting graphics.

Before you request a new graphic

  1. Make sure none of the existing supporting graphics fit your needs.
  2. If they do not, your department must build a case to support your request. For example, what will the graphic element be used for and why do you need it?
  3. Ensure you have a budget to pay for the design work.

Request a new graphic

  1. Email and before you start any design work. Include your rationale to support your request.
  2. We'll review your request and let you know if you're approved.
  3. Based on your project timeline, we'll design the new graphic in-house or we'll put you in touch with an external graphic designer.
  4. You must ensure the new supporting graphic is in the same style as the other elements. It also needs to be generic enough to be used throughout the government.
  5. Submit the design to and for approval.
  6. Once we'vve approved it, you must email with a package of 46 final files for each new graphic.
    • These include:
      • 2 CMYK master files (EPS and PDF)
      • 2 Pantone master files (EPS and PDF)
      • 2 RGB master files (SVG and PNG)
      • 2 black and white master files (EPS and PDF)
      • 2 reverse black and white master files (SVG and PNG)
    • We'll also need the following files for each of the 6 brand colours
      • 2 CMYK files (EPS and PDF)
      • 2 Pantone files (EPS and PDF)
      • 2 RGB files (SVG and PNG)
  7. We'll add the design to this brand standard so it's available across the government.