Date adopted: 
December 11, 2019
Last update: 
February 8, 2023


Also see department-specific spellings.

Always consider writing “the Government of Yukon” rather than a department’s name. What’s important is the program or service we’re offering.

If you do need to refer to a specific department:

Not: Energy, Mines and Resources department
But: Energy, Mines and Resources, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources

Not: Yukon Health and Social Services, Yukon Department of Highways and Public Works,
But: Health and Social Services, Department of Health and Social Services, Highways and Public Works, Department of Highways and Public Works

After the first full mention, just put “the department”.

Using just “the Government of Yukon” is particularly handy when you’d otherwise have to list several departments. But if for some reason you do need to refer to more than 1 department:

Not: the Departments of Environment, Justice, and Energy Mines and Resources
But: Environment, Justice, and Energy, Mines and Resources, the departments of Environment, Justice, and Energy Mines and Resources

Do not use informal names for departments, such as Environment Yukon and Yukon Education. If you’re writing about these departments, use the same name consistently so your reader does not get confused and think there might be two different organizations.

If you’re writing internal documents and cannot use the full names of departments and corporations for any reason, or cannot write “the department” or “the corporation,” use the following abbrevations. Never use these acronyms in public materials. (Avoid using any abbreviation in public materials unless it's very well-known by your readers.)

Community Services (CS)
Economic Development (EcD)
Education (EDU)
Energy, Mines and Resources (EMR)
Environment (ENV)
Executive Council Office (ECO)
Finance (FIN)
French Language Services Directorate (FLS)
Health and Social Services (HSS)
Highways and Public Works (HPW)
Justice (JUS)
Public Service Commission (PSC)
Tourism and Culture (TC)
Women’s Directorate (WD)
Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC)
Yukon Development Corporation (YDC)
Yukon Housing Corporation (YHC – but avoid confusion with the Yukon Hospital Corporation)
Yukon Liquor Corporation (YLC)
Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board (YWCHSB)
Yukon Lottery Commission, Lotteries Yukon (LY)

Unit, branch and divisions

Use uppercase when you write the full name of a unit, branch or division.

Not: Communications unit, Land Management branch, Motor Vehicles division
But: Communications Unit, Land Management Branch, Motor Vehicles Division

Use lowercase when you are not using the full name of a unit, branch, division or department.

Not: the Unit, the Branch, the Division
But: the unit, the branch, the division

Try to refer to the Government of Yukon rather than your department or unit, branch or division. But if you need to refer to a department, write “Highways and Public Works’ Motor Vehicles Division.”