PDF, print and Nintex forms

Date adopted: 
August 14, 2020
Last update: 
November 3, 2020

We produce the following types of forms.

Traditional, static PDFs

Choose this type of form when you want:

  • your users to fill in the form digitally or email it as an attachment;
  • your users to print the form in standard sizes and complete it by hand; or
  • the form to appear the same whether it's printed, emailed or viewed on a computer or mobile device.

Custom print forms

Choose this type of form when you want to:

  • customize the size of the form;
  • use special paper options like card stock, carbon copies, or waterproof paper; or
  • use specific binding or finishing options like perforation or padding.

Nintex forms

We use Nintex only for internal government forms. It's a SharePoint plug-in used to create simple forms and workflows.

Choose this type of form when:

  • you want to automate repetitive, high volume tasks;
  • the data will be collected and managed in SharePoint lists; and
  • you have the capacity to create and maintain these forms.

Contact your department SharePoint administrator for guidance on this.