Precedence (Table of precedence)

Date adopted: 
December 11, 2019
Last update: 
May 21, 2021

Use this order when quoting leaders in news releases:

  • Kwanlin Dün First Nation Chief Jocelyn Skookum
  • Health and Social Services Minister Jeremy Smith

Use this order when you are writing news releases or speaking notes or organizing events.

  • Prime Minister of Canada
  • Commissioner of Yukon
  • Premier of Yukon
  • federal Cabinet members
  • Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Yukon
  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Government of Yukon Cabinet members
  • Yukon Leader of the Opposition
  • Yukon Members of the Legislative Assembly, listed by date elected
  • Yukon Member of Parliament
  • Yukon Senator
  • Yukon First Nations Chiefs and Council of Yukon First Nations
  • Bishops of Roman Catholic and Anglican faiths (in the order of their appointment)
  • RCMP Divisional Commander
  • Armed Forces Commander
  • Territorial Court Judges
  • Mayors
  • Government of Yukon Deputy Ministers and officials with equivalent status, listed by the date they were appointed
  • Presidents, Executive Directors of non-governmental organizations