Date adopted: 
November 28, 2018
Last update: 
August 26, 2020

Typography plays a key role in the Government of Yukon’s overall brand identity. The typeface is intended to portray a modern, clean image that is friendly, open, and highly legible. These typography standards have been developed to provide typographic consistency, while maintaining a certain degree of flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.

You must only use the primary and secondary fonts in designed materials.

All of these fonts are open source and are available to anyone to use at no cost to the user.

Do not add drop shadows to text.

Primary fonts

The brand has three primary fonts. These are for use in print and digital materials, brochures, and all designed applications.


Use Montserrat in headers, large display text, highlighting, and callouts.

See an example of Montserrat

Nunito Sans

Nunito Sans is a light and easy-to-read font for body copy, tables, and side bars.

See an example of Nunito Sans


Aleo is a strong, professional, and warm slab serif for use in smaller titles, highlighting, as well as a secondary body copy font at the discretion of the graphic designer.

See an example of Aleo

Secondary fonts

The Government of Yukon’s secondary fonts are Arial and Helvetica.

See an example of Arial

See an example of Helvetica

Only use these fonts:

  • when the primary fonts are not available; or
  • if a word from another language doesn’t display properly in a primary font. For example, a Yukon First Nation Language.

In order to display the text properly, sometimes a special font it required.

Use Arial in email communications

Arial is preferable in email communications because Arial is installed on all devices. This ensures a consistent layout and appearance whether the recipient is inside or outside of government. Arial is also the font the government uses for the email signature.

The primary brand fonts are installed on all government computers and work well internally. However, they aren't likely installed in other organisations' or private citizen’s computers. This means if you use these fonts in an email for outside of government, they'll be converted to another font like Times Roman, which isn’t our brand.