Revise an existing form

Date adopted: 
February 21, 2018
Last update: 
August 28, 2020

Before you request a revision

  1. Contact your department's communications unit. Have them review your revisions to make sure they follow the guidance in this Digital Service Delivery Guide, including the Style Guide.
  2. If your revisions mean the form collects personal or medical information, contact your department ATIPP or HIPMA coordinator. They'll review your revisions and provide you with the required disclaimer text.
  3. Contact your department's policy unit if your form is legislated. They'll confirm your revisions follow the relevant acts and regulations.
  4. Make sure your revisions are approved and the appropriate parties have signed-off.
  5. If you're adding an image or logo to your form, make sure you have permission to use them. This can be an email with written approval from the source owner.
  6. If your form has special printing requirements, contact your department account manager or email and identify the print specifications. For example, a custom size, carbon copies, or special binding. This will need to be finalized before we begin the design process.

Request a revision to an existing form

This process can only be completed by Government of Yukon staff. If you're a vendor working on a form, you'll have to go through the department to submit a request.

  1. Complete a request on the government's intranet. Note: this link is only available for government staff with access to the intranet.
  2. Our tracking system will issue you a ticket number and we'll start working on your form.

The design process

  1. We take your revisions and produce a proof.
  2. We work with you until you approve the form.
  3. For public forms:
    • We'll coordinate translation and provide you with a final version of the form.
    • You coordinate how the form will be shared.
      • For, work with your department website manager.
      • To print forms, contact your department's Acquisition Services and Planning account manager.
  4. For internal forms we'll upload your form to the internal Yukonnect repository and send you the link.
  5. We close your ticket.