Date adopted: 
December 11, 2019
Last update: 
August 15, 2020

The Government of Yukon takes a flexible approach to writing numbers. It depends what you’re writing and who’s reading it.

  • For printed materials write numbers one to nine in letters and 10 and above in digits.
  • For web writing, digits are common for all numbers.
  • For technical and scientific reports, write all numbers as digits so they are visible, distinct, clear and precise.
  • Be consistent.

Include a comma in numbers of 1,000 and above.

Not: 2000
But: 2,000

Not: 911
But: 9-1-1

If you can’t rearrange a sentence to avoid starting with a number, write it in letters.

Not: 19 organizations responded to the survey.
But: Nineteen organizations responded to the survey.