Project closing report

Date adopted: 
August 16, 2020
Last update: 
August 28, 2020

This report is only used internally by eServices. It's how we document the final status of our projects.

Download the project closing report template.

Information we include in our project closing report

Project overview

Provide a high-level summary of the project context, activities and goals.

Project highlights

Outline the key successes of the project in this section. These could relate to project delivery (for example, team activities, methodologies, and innovative ways of working) or project outcomes (for example, significant project benefits to client or public and decommissioning of legacy systems).

Project team

People involved in the project – include vendors and stakeholders.

Project role – not limited to job title, but specific to this project

Project performance – cost

We track the planned and actual budget for each project as well as the variance.

Project performance – schedule

We track our project milestones. We look at the planned date, actual date and variance.

Lessons learned

Facilitate a project retrospective workshop or meeting and list the key lessons learned on this project.

Include the top lessons learned and include a link to the workshop output below.

We look at type, which is what went well and what can be improved. And we look at theme, which is people, process, and technology.

Transition to sustainment

Describe the business area handover that has taken place or add link to handover document if completed.

Outstanding items

List any outstanding deliverables or tasks and to whom they are assigned.

Indicate (if known) how the outstanding item will be delivered. For example, "will be scoped into x project," or "handed over to business as usual."

Reference documentation

This is a list of project documents and where they are saved on our secure, internal drives.

  • Pre-discovery survey
  • Intake checklist
  • Discovery service maturity assessment
  • Alpha service maturity assessment
  • Beta service maturity assessment
  • Project retrospective output/transcription
  • Vendor survey
  • Client survey