Project process

Date adopted: 
July 18, 2019
Last update: 
June 25, 2021

We design and build public services for Yukon citizens in agile, user-centred and iterative ways. This means we can gather requirements, plan, design, build and test at the same time.

  • This helps teams start small and learn fast.
  • We can build services and websites quickly. This helps us adapt to policy changes and citizens' needs.
  • We save money by reducing project failure.

Our project process

Go to the document download page to see the eServices project process chart.

Conception and ideation

Guidance on how to move forward with your idea for a government digital service or website.

Read about conception and ideation.

Pre-discovery and intake

The goal of pre-discovery is to determine if, or how, eServices will support a government project.

Read about pre-discovery and intake.


Discovery is where you learn about your users’ needs, organizational policies and processes, and basic requirements.

Read about discovery.

Prototype development (alpha)

You research, prototype, test, and learn about your users’ needs when you start building the service in the prototype development (alpha) phase.

Read about prototype development.

Beta testing

You only move to beta when you have enough feedback to show your service works for your users and meets their needs.

Read about beta testing and live.


The client department is managing the service or website and tracking user feedback to continue to make improvements.

Read about support and maintenance.