Ensure service adoption

Date adopted: 
August 17, 2020
Last update: 
August 27, 2020

As public beta testing comes to a close, the next step is to make sure your service or website is adopted. You'll do this by completing the following.

Execute the communications plan

Work with your department communications unit to execute the communication plan to announce the service or website is available to the public.

Phase out the old service or website

Follow your plan to phase out the old service or website. Email eservices@gov.yk.ca for assistance with services and yg.digital@gov.yk.ca for assistance with websites.

Services or website replacing an existing service or website

  • If they'll be available at the same time, add a beta banner to the existing and public beta versions.
  • If the existing service or website will be archived, follow the guidance for archiving a project.

Execute the performance reporting plan

Once the public beta is launched, you'll execute your performance reporting plan. This is how we measure the success of a service or website.