Project intake checklist

Date adopted: 
August 16, 2020
Last update: 
August 27, 2020

About the project intake phase checklist

If the pre-discovery process indicates that eServices will play a role in your project, we start with the intake process. We complete this checklist to make sure we're planning a project we can successfully execute.

Download a copy of the eServices project intake phase checklist.

Questions we ask in the intake phase checklist


  • Is the budget for this project approved?
  • If so, what is the approved budget?
  • What department owns the budget?
  • Is the budget source Information Resource Management Committee (IRMC) or capital?
  • Has the project been added to the eServices invoice tracker?
  • Has the eServices project budget status tracker been set up?


  • Is there a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) in place for this service already?
  • If a PIA is in place already, are updates needed to accompany this service?
  • What option will be taken to complete the PIA?
    • Client (Government of Yukon internal) ownership
    • Vendor (Outsourced)
  • Does the project budget include the cost of the PIA?
  • Will the service include a payment gateway?
  • If the service handles payments, what is the plan for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance? For example, will the same vendor building the service provide PCI compliance or will a different vendor be procured?
  • Will an Incident Response Plan be needed?
  • Is a Security Threat Risk Assessment (STRA) required? If so, what is the plan for completion and who is accountable for this task?
  • Is a plan in place for code change management?

Team roles and responsibilities

  • Who is the project manager on the project? (This can be an eServices delivery manager, an internal Government of Yukon client PM, or an external PM acting on behalf of the Government of Yukon client and eServices)
  • Who is the eServices project tech lead or web architect?
  • Who is the service owner?
  • Who is the Government of Yukon subject matter expert (SME)?
  • Will vendor support be needed to develop any aspect of the service? If yes, when in the project (what phase) will a vendor be needed?

Project planning

  • Has the project PM and eServices delivery manager reviewed the concept case for this project?
  • Is a project schedule completed? If not, when will it be completed?
  • If the project schedule is complete, has it been reviewed and approved by the entire team?
  • Is it clear if net new content will need to be produced? If so, is a plan in place for content production? Who will be accountable for this? (Client in most cases should lead this).
  • Is a plan in place for French-language translation?
  • Is the project communication matrix complete?
  • Has the project folder structure been set up on the eServices SharePoint site?
  • Has the project been set up in the eServices Portfolio management tool?
  • Where will the service be hosted? Is a new domain name needed?
  • Is a new security certificate (SSL) needed? If not, what is the expiry date of the current security certificate?
  • Who is accountable for the domain name registration and security certificate?
  • If user acceptance is needed for this service, will a dry signature suffice or is a wet signature needed?