Discovery service maturity assessment

Date adopted: 
November 9, 2018
Last update: 
August 28, 2020

The Government of Yukon uses this to assess the maturity of a service in the discovery stage.

It’s based on our digital service standards and best practices for designing and delivering our online services.

In discovery, a service is considered mature if there are plans in place to ensure compliance and clear roles and responsibilities are defined.

You can download the discovery service maturity assessment template or see what we will assess below.

User needs and user experience (UX)

1. Understand user needs

Was research performed to determine user needs (public and internal) and develop a deep knowledge of the service’s users and their context for the service?

What artifacts were produced in discovery to define user needs?

2. Make the user experience consistent

Is there a plan in place to ensure that the service is built to be consistent with the rest of government? This could include the use of standard design patterns, Style Guide and common platform components.

If a vendor will complete all or part of the service development, are they aware of design patterns and needs for consistent branding?

Service quality and compliance

In the discovery stage, the plan for compliance should be in place. The following questions measure the service maturity based on this expectation.

3. Safeguard user privacy

What user data and information are being provided and stored? What is the location and retention schedule?

Does the service require a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)? If so, is there a PIA in place?

Does the project schedule factor in potential dependency on the PIA for each phase – prototype development (alpha), private beta, and public beta?

Who is responsible for ensuring the PIA is completed?

4. Build a secure service

What is the plan for completing a Security Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA)?

Who is responsible for ensuring the STRA is completed?

Does the project schedule factor in potential dependencies on the STRA for each phase release – prototype development (alpha), private beta, and public beta?

If the service will be managing payments, what is the plan for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance? Is PCI compliance part of the vendor deliverables?

5. Deliver a bilingual service

What is the plan for providing the service in English and French?

Has the French Language Services Directorate (FLSD) been involved in this project and notified of forecast translation timelines?

Will FLSD be needed to translate content only, or is a translation of application/service chrome (headers, field names, etc.) required as well?

6. Make the service accessible

What is the plan for ensuring the service is WCAG 2.0 Level AA?

If there are external vendors to be procured, is WCAG 2.0 Level AA included in their Statement of Work deliverables?

Use of agile methodologies

7. Use agile methods

What is the plan to ensure the service will be built using agile user-centered methods?

8. Use open and common standards

Is there a plan to build the service using open standards and common government technology platforms including the eServices platform?

Project ownership and accountability

9. Have a multidisciplinary team

Provide names for the following roles. If the role is not filled, indicate "n/a" if it's not applicable to the project or "TBD" if the role will be filled at a future date.

  • Project manager:
  • Service delivery manager:
  • Service design manager:
  • Government of Yukon client subject matter expert:
  • Government of Yukon service owner:
  • Web or technical architect:
  • Vendor name and main contact:
  • Lead senior manager with decision-making authority:

Service adoption planning

10. Encourage everyone to use the digital service

Is there a plan in place to phase out non-digital channels for this service?

Who is responsible for producing the communication plan to announce the service release?

11. Collect and report on performance data

What are the performance measures, historic values, and benchmarks to measure success of the service?

What is the selected tool for collecting and reporting performance data?

12. Test the end-to-end service

Discovery: is there a plan in place to test the service end-to end?

At what stage is the end-to-end service testing scheduled?