Project team roles

Date adopted: 
September 6, 2022
Last update: 
January 5, 2024

The information on this page is for vendors and project teams so they will gain a better understanding of the roles and requirements involved in producing public-facing digital services.

For more information about team roles throughout the service delivery process see roles in:


Project manager

The vendor must assign 1 project manager (PM) per project. This person is responsible for the vendor's contributions.


The developer is the team member who builds the service or website. They work with the entire team and closely with the eServices web architect for code reviews and deploys. 

Account manager

In some cases there will be an account manager involved in the project. When we work with a vendor on multiple projects, the account manager helps proritize and allocate resources. 

Department clients

Project manager

This role should not be confused with the vendor's project manager. The department client project manager oversees the entire project. In some cases this could include project managing multiple vendor PMs.

Depending on the size and complexity of work some teams will dedicate a staff member to this role and others will hire the work out. Your eServices service delivery manager can help you contract the work using our qualified source list. Regardless of what option you choose, this is a time-intensive role and the person is responsible for driving the project forward. 

Responsibilities for this role can include managing the project schedule, scope and budget.

Subject matter expert (SME)

These are team members who are familiar with the delivery of the existing service or website. They might interact with clients or manage website feedback.

Service owner

The service owner is responsible for the ongoing delivery of the service or website by their department. This person has strategic decision-making authority and is usually a director. 

Business analyst 

For projects that require a business analyst, this person is responsible for analyzing current business process and aiding the service owner when required.


The eServices team is diverse and consists of the following roles.

Service delivery managers

Most projects are assigned a service delivery manager. This person is your point of contact for eServices and their role is to guide the team through the service delivery process. They are more focused on the public-facing service as a product and not just the start and end dates of the project to build it.

Web architects

Most projects are assigned a web architect. This person is responsible for the technical architecture and implementation of the service. They work with the vendor's web developer.

User experience (UX) managers

The user experience (UX) manager is responsible for ensuring project teams build consistent digital services and websites that work for citizens. You may interect with them for discovery workshops, service design and prototyping and conducting user research. You will interact with them when you go through the required service maturity assessments and they also provide feedback (via the service delivery manager) on your website or service when the vendor provides a demo and prototype. 

Portfolio manager

The portfolio manager assigns projects to service delivery managers, sets up contracts and processes invoices for payments. 

Web and graphic designers

Web and graphic designers are often involved in reviewing services to ensure they are following the government's Brand Standard. They will also provide advice to teams with brand exceptions.