Date adopted: 
August 14, 2020
Last update: 
November 3, 2020

Forms are documents that collect data for the purpose of providing services. A form is often the public's first point of contact with a government program.

Official Government of Yukon forms

Government forms are considered official forms if they:

  • request personal, confidential, or medical information from the public or government staff; or
  • they must adhere to any of the government's acts, regulations, or other legislation.

These forms must go through eServices to ensure they meet the government's standards. Find out how to request an official form.

Examples of unofficial forms

Your form does not need to go through eServices in these instances:

  • it's a template your user will customize. For example, procurement documents; 
  • internal government communications like contact notes or briefing notes;
  • spreadsheets, graphs, or charts that facilitate an employees workflow. For example, ledgers or time sheets; or
  • documents with fillable fields that move outward from the government, rather than inward. For example, a generic letter that auto fills recipient information.

Email to find out if your form should be official or not.

Types of forms we produce

You may need a single solution or a combination of options. This will depend on your audience. 

A form has a single YG number and will collect the same data no matter how it is shared with the public. 

We produce the following types of forms: