Get your form translated

Date adopted: 
July 28, 2023
Last update: 
August 9, 2023

All public-facing forms must be translated into French, unless you have talked to the French Language Services Directorate and they have provided advice to the contrary. 

Get a web form translated

For web forms you will have a separate English and French version. These may be configured in different ways, depending on what platform you use, but to the public they will be mirrored so people can select which version they want to interact with.

For these projects, the department is responsible for reaching out to FLSD to coordinate the translation. 

Follow our advice to translate your service or website

Get a PDF form translated

Options for getting your form translated

When you work with the forms designer you can choose 1 of the following options for translation:

  1. You can have separate English and French forms; or
  2. 1 bilingual form. This means the English and French fields and labels are on the same page.

The forms designer will be the person to loop FLSD in and coordinate the translation of your form.