Evaluate digital tools and vendors through the procurement process

Date adopted: 
October 20, 2020
Last update: 
July 23, 2021

This evaluation tool is for Government of Yukon staff to:

This evaluation tool will help you:

  • make sure the government is getting the ideal solution, in terms of technology, cost, integration and vendor support;
  • minimize subjectivity and allow you to perform an apples-to-apples evaluation of different solutions to help in the decision-making process; and
  • ensure the digital service standards are included in the evaluation process to minimize the risk that key items may be missed.

How to use the evaluation spreadsheet

  1. Download and save a copy of the evaluation spreadsheet.
  2. Follow the steps in the instructions tab.
  3. Use the existing mandatory and recommended criteria and weighting or follow the instructions to add another evaluative metric.
  4. Email [email protected] if you have questions or to ensure you’ve accurately captured the requirements. We'll support your efforts to ensure the correct requirements are captured.