Options for presenting data online

Date adopted: 
January 9, 2023
Last update: 
January 9, 2023

Whether it’s adding a simple chart or graph to a webpage or creating a more interactive dashboard, the government has a few solutions. The one that applies to your project, will depend on the details. In Discovery, eServices will work with your team to determine which solution is the best fit for the problem you are trying to solve.

Options for data presentation and visualization


We use a product called HighCharts to present simple, static charts and graphs on Yukon.ca. Adding a chart or graph to a Yukon.ca page does require some skill using JSON. If you want to do this, reach out to your department’s website manager to find out how to proceed.

Projects with more complex dashboards and data visualization that are not on Yukon.ca

We have 2 options or stories around producing public-facing dashboards and data visualizations for the government. These are:

  1. ESRI Hub (For example the Covid-19 dashboard) and
  2. HighCharts (For example, Sustainable Tourism and Our Clean Future)

Talk to eServices to determine what option is appropriate given all of the parameters of your project.