Track your service or website's performance

Date adopted: 
October 20, 2020
Last update: 
October 26, 2020

After your service or website launches, you must track its performance.

Our goal is to publish these summaries on a service performance dashboard we're developing. This data will be public so you can share it with your project team, government staff and citizens.

By tracking your service or website's performance metrics, you can:

  • improve your service for users and continue to show improvements over time;
  • help your service meet the government's digital service standards; and
  • learn more about your service by comparing your data with that of other services.

Data you must track

You must track the government's 4 basic key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Completed transactions
  2. Completion rate
  3. User satisfaction
  4. Digital uptake

Data you can use to track the performance of your service or website

Work with eServices to determine the best way you can collect data so you can track the performance of your service or website. We recommend using a combination of the following sources.

  • Front counter and service desks
  • Web analytics
  • Surveys
  • Back-end systems. For example, monitoring systems for response times and availability.

What to do with the data you track

Touch base with eServices. We'll help you:

  • review and interpret the data; and
  • provide you with advice on how to improve the user experience on your service or website.

After we've built a service performance dashboard, we'll work with you to start publishing your service or website's performance data.