Conception and ideation

Date adopted: 
August 16, 2020
Last update: 
August 18, 2022

For government staff, conception and ideation usually begins with an idea to improve an internal process to enable digital service delivery. If you have an idea, it's important to also identify the user needs that your proposed digital service or website will address.

  • Email [email protected] if you have and idea for a digital service. We'll discuss your idea, help you frame out the project and provide you with advice on next steps. 
  • Talk to your department communications unit if you have an idea for a website.

Get funding for your digital service or website project

Once you have an idea framed out, the next step is to apply for project funding.

Write a concept case

We recommend you write a concept case to apply for project funding. If the funding is approved, eServices will meet with the department service owner to set up a pre-discovery meeting.

Check with your director and contact your department IT director to find out more about concept cases.

Department funds

There may be instances where the department has a different fund to use for a project. Talk to your supervisor and department finance team to see what options you have.


Next step: Pre-discovery and planning