How to purchase digital tools and products

Date adopted: 
October 20, 2020
Last update: 
September 9, 2022

This page has guidance to help Government of Yukon staff purchase public-facing digital tools on behalf of the government. Staff can refer to GAM 1.20 for more details.

We define tools as third-party web products or custom built online services.

Examples of digital tools are:

  • Bang the Table. Used for online citizen engagement.
  • Siteimprove. Used to measure the quality of content on
  • Enterprise software with a public-facing web component.

Departments should work with eServices to purchase all public-facing digital tools. They should not purchase tools directly from a vendor.

eServices will work with you to ensure the digital tools you want to purchase meet you needs and the government's digital service standards.

Let's talk about the tool you'd like to purchase

Email [email protected] to start the conversation about the tool you'd like to purchase.

We'll work with you to determine

  • if we have an existing tool that will meet your needs or
  • if there might be a corporate need for a new tool that could be used by other departments. We refer to many of these tools and products as Commercial Off The Shelf, or COTS.

We'll also support you in preparing your project proposal for the IT investment process.

IT investment process

If you're developing a new public-facing digital service or looking to purchase a digital tool that requires capital funding, you must follow the government's IT investments process.

eServices will work with you to ensure your proposal will meet the government's digital service standards before you submit it to the IRMC IT investment process.

  • Departments propose IT investments to the government's Information Resources Management Committee (IRMC).
  • The IRMC reviews these proposals and authorizes their submission to Management Board.

Help preparing your tender documents

If you get eServices approval to go to tender to purchase a tool, we can help you prepare your tender documents. Our experts can help you understand what elements should be included in your tender documents. We'll help you find a solution that meets your needs and considers user needs by meeting the government's digital service standards.

Evaluating bids

When it comes time to evaluate your bids, we've created an evaluation tool to help with this process.

Find out how to use the COTS evaluation tool.

You are welcome to use the tool on your own and further customize it. eServices will also help you with the evaluation process.

Getting the tool operational

eServices will work with you to:

  • ensure you've completed and passed the required assessments to make sure the tool is secure and protects personal information;
  • integrate your tool with external software and data;
  • work with APIs;
  • host and name your service;
  • build and test the tool; and
  • make a plan to manage the tool.

For questions about how to purchase digital tools, email [email protected].