Network access

Date adopted: 
August 17, 2020
Last update: 
September 4, 2020

Get network access

Once a contract is in place, vendors can apply for YNET and VPN access.

  1. eServices will send you a YNET Network Access Agreement and a YNET Account Request form for each person who needs access.
  2. Complete the YNET Network Access Agreement. This is also used to request a VPN account. Fill in your legal company name in the “Contractor” field at the top of first page. Leave the parts B and C fields blank. List all employees requiring access. Have the firm owner sign and date the “For the Contractor” field for the company.
  3. Complete the YNET Account Request form (1 for each person who needs access). Enter your current email address in the "Suggested Email Address" field. Leave the supervisor name and signature fields blank. Sign and date on the "Authorized User Signature" line.
  4. Submit the completed agreement and forms to We'll coordinate access and let you know once this is complete.
  5. If you'll need web access to the eServices GitLab or SSH access to the eServices development environment, notify eServices so that the necessary firewall permissions will be configured for your account.

Connect via your VPN account

Once you've got YNET access, you can apply to get a VPN account.

  1. If using Windows, download and install CheckPointVPN<version-info>.msi from If using macOS, download and install Endpoint_Security_VPN<version-info>.dmg from Version E82.50 is necessary for macOS Catalina 10.15.
  2. The VPN gateway is (
  3. Log in with your YNET username "ynet\<username>" and assigned password.