Change management

Date adopted: 
August 27, 2020
Last update: 
January 24, 2022

Change management is part of Prototype development (Alpha.) This is where we:

  • execute code change control;
  • execute the French translation plan;
  • execute the content migration plan; and
  • start launch planning.

Code change control

eServices will review the merge request your developer has shared. We look at the differences and identity any issues that are a security concern or could break things. Once we've approved the code change, we merge the new code into the existing code.

Execute the French translation plan

In the intake phase, you contacted the French Language Services Directorate (FLSD) and started planning French translation for your service or website. This is where you start to execute that plan.

It's important to have your prototype in both languages when possible.

Execute the content migration plan

Your content migration plan identifies which existing services or websites your service or website will integrate with or replace. Start to execute this high-level migration strategy to decommission an existing service, website, and IT infrastructure.

Start launch planning

Start to plan for Beta testing and live.