Yukon.ca content types

Date adopted: 
September 10, 2019
Last update: 
January 17, 2023

These content types were developed for the government's website, Yukon.ca.

All task-related and interaction-based content should use one of these formats:

All supporting information should use one of these formats:

How to decide which content type to use

The purpose of your content is the deciding factor for which of these formats you use.

It’s important to choose the format that fits your content. Do not base your decision on how a format looks.

This is because:

  • if your content is in the wrong format, users will not be able to find it; and
  • we’re working on grouping formats by purpose and user need to allow users to find content more easily.

For questions about Yukon.ca content types email eco-digital@yukon.ca.