Naming files

Date adopted: 
August 13, 2018
Last update: 
April 6, 2021

Make sure your pdf should be on the website

Avoid uploading pdfs if it's duplicating information, or it’s important and should be on its own webpage. Your document should only be on if it helps a user complete a task.

Follow the government’s file naming standard

  • Write a clear, concise name. This is usually the name of the document. Avoid using words like "finalEdit" or "Web-version" in the file name. Also omit words such as "the", "and" and "of" and so on.
  • Use lowercase letters.
  • Separate words with hyphens (not underscores).
  • Use the correct prefix to reflect your department.

Use the correct prefix when naming your department files

All files on are stored in separate department folders. We also organize files by using a set of prefixes. corporate files

File name prefix: corp
Example: corp-budget-2018.jpg

News release files

File name prefix: news
Example: news-highway-construction-projects-2018.jpg

Community Services

File name prefix: cs
Example: cs-pay-property-tax.pdf

Economic Development

File name prefix: ecdev
Example: ecdev-cdf-annual-report-2013-14.pdf


File name prefix: edu
Example: edu-mary-lake-bus-schedule.pdf

Energy, Mines and Resources

File name prefix: emr
Example: emr-peel-land-use-plan.pdf

File name prefix: engage
Example: engage-camping


File name prefix: env
Example: env-bear-safety.pdf

Executive Council Office

File name prefix: eco
Example: eco-summer-camps-2018.pdf


File name prefix: fin
Example: fin-budget-2018.pdf

French Language Services Directorate

File name prefix: flsd
Example: flsd-bonjour-yukon-guide.pdf

Health and Social Services

File name prefix: hss
Example: hss-whitehorse-continuing-care-facility-functional-program-2014.pdf

Highways and Public Works

File name prefix: hpw
Example: hpw-atipp-requests-september-2017.pdf


File name prefix: jus
Example: jus-applying-initial-family-order.pdf

Public Service Commission

File name prefix: psc
Example: psc-interview-relocation-expense-directive.pdf

Tourism and Culture

File name prefix: tc
Example: tc-historic-sites-nomination-guidelines.pdf

Women’s Directorate

File name prefix: wd
Example: wd-joint-submission-to-gc-national-inquiry-missing-murdered-indigenous-women-girls

Yukon Development Corporation

File name prefix: ydc
Example: ydc-annual-report-2018

Yukon Housing Corporation

File name prefix: yhc
Example: yhc-pest-policy.pdf

Yukon Liquor Corporation

File name prefix: ylc
Example: ylc-price-list-summer-2017.pdf

Naming files in French

All documents on should be translated into French.

When you name your file, use the same name as the English version and add ‘-fr’ at the end. This ensures we will be able to quickly find, update and replace documents in both languages as efficiently as possible.

Example: cs-pay-property-tax-fr.pdf

Maintaining your files

When you delete a file, it's important you delete the English and French versions from the appropriate folder in Drupal. This will ensure there are not multiple versions of documents and the up-to-date, correct version is always the 1 you're referencing on the site.