User experience (UX) guide

Date adopted: 
September 9, 2022
Last update: 
October 6, 2022

This guide is a work in progress. We will be adding content to this section fo the Digital Service Delivery Guide in the coming weeks and months. 

This guide is for teams who are building public-facing digital services and websites. Teams must conduct user research to meet digital service standards 1, 2, 8, 9 and 14. 


This page lays out the government's guidance on how to get consent from people participating in user research studies.

How to conduct user research throughout the service delivery process

Advice for teams on how to conduct user research throughout the government's service delivery process.

Recruiting participants for user research

Guidance for teams planning out their recruitment strategies for user research.

Types of research

A summary of the types of research we undertake when we conduct user research. The type we choose, depends on the user research questions we are asking and what we hope to learn. 

User research techniques government teams use most often

This page describes the user research techniques government project teams use most often

What is user research and why is it a requirement?

Information for project teams that are not sure what user research is and why they have to conduct it before launching public-facing services.

Options to meet the digital service standards

This page highlights the 3 options for teams to meet the government's digital service standards.

UX Office Hours

Time for project teams to drop in and get advice on the user research projects.