How to get an online service

Date adopted: 
June 3, 2019
Last update: 
October 5, 2023

This page provides you with guidance to get an online service and once you have one, how to name it.

What is an online transactional service?

Online services are any service where the transaction results in a change to the records held by the government. An online service typically involves an exchange of information, money, licence, permit or goods.

Examples of online services

  1. Apply for financial support for a cancelled event
  2. Turn In Poachers and Polluters
  3. Submit a class 1 exploration notice
  4. Renew a vehicle registration

Get an online service

If you have an idea for an online service, follow the guidance for Conception and ideation.

Name your online service

Guidance on how to name your online service so users can find it when they search online and understand what it does.