Brand applications

Date adopted: 
August 15, 2020
Last update: 
November 15, 2022


This section contains guidance on how to apply the Government of Yukon branding to your products. These products include:

Business cards

A standard business card format is used for all government personnel, including deputy ministers.

See an example of a standard business card

The Premier and Minister business card format is only for use by Premier and Ministers.

See an example of the front of the Premier and Ministers business card

See an example of the back of the Premier and Ministers business card

The aurora is the only graphic allowed on business cards.

Order business cards

Government of Yukon staff can find out additional standards and how to order business cards on the intranet.


Letterhead with the aurora graphic is available in both colour and black-and-white versions.

You can print the black-and-white version on your office printer. Do not print the colour letterhead on standard office printers, instead, you'll need to get colour letterhead printed.

Order letterhead or get letterhead printed on special paper

Email [email protected] to order printed letterhead or letterhead printed on special paper.

  • Order item #100242 to have your documents printed on colour letterhead.
  • Order item #100244 for letterhead for the Premier or a Minister.
  • Order item #100247 to order blank sheets if your letter is longer.

See an example of colour letterhead that can be used by all government staff

See an example of letterhead for the Premier or a Minister.


We have a standard, fixed place for the logo and address block for all envelopes sizes. The Government of Yukon logo is in the upper left corner and the address block is to the right of the logo, maintaining the protective space around the logo.

See an example of a generic envelope that can be used by government staff

See an example of a Premier and Ministers envelope

You can also order envelopes with a custom return address. This address should use a branch, program, or service name, rather than the department name. Return addresses may be two or three lines high and must include the mail code on the same line as the PO box number.

See an example of a custom envelope

Order envelopes

Government of Yukon staff can order envelopes from the intranet. Get in touch with your department account manager to order custom envelopes.

Email signatures

Use Arial for your email signature. Set the font to 12 points for your name and 10 points for the text below your name. Put your name in bold and use the regular font for the rest of the text.

For the body of your emails, use Arial in 100 per cent black.

Your name in the signature should be in the zinc colour, which is the dark blue from the secondary palette.

Keep your signature clean and corporate. If you’re promoting an event or other activity, include it in the body of the email, don’t add it to your signature. Similarly, do not include a confidentiality statement below the signature block or otherwise alter the template in any way. This will help to keep the branding consistent and strong.

All staff must use the same overall email signature format. You can choose whether to include one of the supporting graphics, such as the aurora or environment image.

Simple email signature

See an example of a simple email signature

Simple email signature with pronouns

Email signature with pronouns and a supporting graphic

See an examples of an email signature with a supporting graphic

Bilingual email signature

See an example of a bilingual email signature.

All the additional elements are available for use in your email signature. There are templates for each of the elements. Be sure to use the templates rather than recreating the email signature yourself.

Additional logos

The Canada’s Top 100 Employers logo is the only additional logo staff can use in conjunction with the email signature block and only if you work in a Public Service Commission or human resources role.

See an example of an email signature with the Canada's Top 100 Employers logo


These logos are awarded for a year at a time. If the government loses any of these accreditations, you must remove the associated logo from your email signature. Be aware that the accreditations are awarded at different times of the year, so you'll need to check frequently for updates.

First Nations acknowledgement

You can include text to recognize First Nations' Traditional Territories in the line under your email signature. It should be in 9pt Arial font, with no bold or italics. Find more guidance on including an acknowledgement of the traditional territories where you work.

See an example of an email signature with a First Nations acknowledgement

Promotional tagline

You can include a line of text under your email signature to promote an initiative or program or to recognize a significant government milestone or achievement.

You cannot include logos, only text. You can hyperlink the text to information abut the relevant program or initiative.

You can only include text about 1 initiative at a time and the initiative must be current.

If you include a traditional territory acknowledgement in your signature, place the promotional text a single return space underneath it.

Write your text in 9pt Arial font with no bold or italics.

The text must:

Promotional Tagline example


If you have queries about what you can include, ask your communications branch for advice or email [email protected].

For formatting guidance, email [email protected].


We've included 4 sample layouts to illustrate how various combinations of the brand elements can be tailored to suit the content of your documents.

Government of Yukon staff can access all of the templates on the intranet.

Information for vendors who want to access these templates for government work.

You can modify all templates, including both layout and colour, as long as the modifications are within this brand standard. We strongly discourage the use of centred text because blocks of centred text are hard to read and can look amateurish from a design point of view.

Examples of digital ad templates

See examples of digital ad templates

Examples of pop-up banners

See examples of pop-up banners

Examples of PowerPoint templates

See examples of a PowerPoint templates

Examples of print ad templates

See examples of print ad templates

Examples of report cover templates

See examples of a report covers

We are developing guidelines for government vehicles and will expand this section once they are finalized.

Vehicle doors

The government logo should be 10.0" x 6.293".

Example of the government branding on a vehicle door

Vehicle tail gate

The government logo should be 12" x 4.72".

Example of the government branding on a vehicle tailgate.

Promotional items

Every promotional item is unique so we work with department communications units to apply the brand standards to these items on a case-by-case basis. Email [email protected] for guidance on your specific product.

For products used within the government

Departments can use the government logo and the department name. For example, if your promotions item is a mug, you can use the government logo on one side of the mug, and your department name on the other side.

If you encounter an instance where the department name falls below the logo, it must be out side the safe space around the logo.

For products used publicly

Departments can use the logo and program area. Do not use the department name.

Social media visual identity

The visual identity was developed to ensure the public can quickly recognize a Government of Yukon product such as our social media channels.

Social media channels have a profile photo. The profile photo is a landmark for visitors and reassures the user they are at an official Government of Yukon property. All Government of Yukon social media channels must use the logo as a profile picture.

Make sure the public name of the social media channel identifies the service or program you’re providing, for example “511 Yukon” or “Yukon Protective Services.” Also, use the cover photo that clearly connects to the service or program and communicates a message, theme, initiative, or event.

Use only the master logo on social media profile photos and follow the protective space guidelines.


See how the government logo should appear on Facebook


See how the government logo should appear on flickr


See how the government logo should appear on Twitter


See how the government logo should appear on YouTube