Brand standards

Date adopted: 
November 28, 2018
Last update: 
December 9, 2022

Download the Government of Yukon brand standards book.

Staff and vendors must apply these branding standards to all government communications.

These unified visual identity and graphic standards communicate the government's brand. It represents our territory and the people who live here. It highlights the Yukon’s uniqueness, history, culture and strengths.

Our visual identity uses 1 master logo. It helps identify all government services, programs, branches, departments and facilities. It reflects the government as a cohesive, unified organization that's working towards 1 goal: serving Yukoners.

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The brand standards include:

These elements work together to establish a clear visual identity for the government. Through consistent application, they serve to build credibility and trust.

Other key government policies and guidelines

The brand standard works in conjunction with other key government policies and guidelines. These include:

  • the Government of Yukon’s corporate communications strategy;
  • the Goverment of Yukon communications policy 1.3;
  • the Government of Yukon Style Guide;
  • this Government of Yukon Digital Service Delivery Guide;
  • Yukon Flag Standards;
  • Yukon Coat of Arms Standards and Capital Project Signs Standards;
  • the government’s guidelines on French language communications; and
  • policy 2.13 of the General Administration Manual which establishes proper use of the Yukon logo and crest – we'll review this policy as part of the process of implementing the visual identity.