What to publish on Yukon.ca

Date adopted: 
August 12, 2018
Last update: 
November 23, 2023

All content published on Yukon.ca must have a clear user need backed up with evidence.

Content should be published either:

Content that does not do 1 of these things should not be published on Yukon.ca.

What should not be published

The following types of content should not be published on Yukon.ca.

  • Content that repeats or significantly overlaps with existing content.
  • Advice for people, businesses or specialists that’s not specific to the government.
  • Advertising for commercial purposes.
  • Intranet or other services exclusively for government employees.
  • Professional training or qualifications.
  • Information or services that can be better supplied by organizations outside government.
  • Legislation that’s on laws.yukon.ca