Date adopted: 
August 17, 2020
Last update: 
October 20, 2020

When your website or service transitions to the sustainment phase, you can shift your focus to maintenance and support.

Department supports the project

eServices transitions the service or website to the department service owner or subject matter expert (SME).

You will no longer need a full team, 100% of the time.

Monitor feedback form input

The department will monitor their service or website's feedback form submissions. They'll track and prioritize this feedback. They'll make content adjustments to improve the user experience. They'll document feedback that indicates a technical solution or development in the backlog and use it to plan future improvements.

Plan future phases for continuous improvement

The department can start to plan for the next phase of development to continue to improve their service or website. Find out how to track your service or website's performance.

How to know what to improve

  • Listen to you users. Conduct user research and monitor feedback form submissions.
  • Revisit any tickets remaining in the project backlog.
  • Review the performance metrics you set to ensure your service or website is performing as it should.

Prioritize this feedback and information to address issues that are creating the biggest challenges for your users.

Test your improvements

Improvements you make should be:

  • tested to make sure they work with different browsers and devices;
  • tested for accessibility; and
  • quality assured.

Make sure your improvements will not have a negative impact on offline channels or related services or websites.