Pre-discovery and planning

Date adopted: 
August 16, 2020
Last update: 
November 26, 2021

Prediscovery and planning follows conception and ideation in the service and website design and delivery process. This is where we get into project planning.


The purpose of pre-discovery is to determine eServices involvement in a project. We do this by meeting with the department service owner for a pre-discovery meeting.

The main focus of this meeting is to learn more about the project. We do this by going through the pre-discovery survey with the service owner.

Once the checklist is complete, eServices will review the information and produce a pre-discovery report. If we determine we have a role in the project, we'll move it along to our intake process.


Intake focuses on planning the project. We outline the scope, plan client involvement and plan the project.

Outline the project scope

The project scope includes:

  • defined business outcomes;
  • a planned content migration approach;
  • a planned French translation approach; and
  • a project communications plan.

Plan client involvement

When we plan client involvement we look to:

Plan the project

Planning the project involves:

  • identifying the project manager;
  • holding the project kick-off meeting;
  • producing a project schedule; and
  • completing the project planning checklist.

Other questions we'll dig into in pre-discovery and intake include:

  • is a vendor needed and, if so, for what phase(s) and activities?
  • will discovery and prototype development (alpha) be combined?