Form instructions

Date adopted: 
February 17, 2018
Last update: 
July 31, 2023

Not all forms need instructions. This section is optional. You should design your form so any of your clients can fill it out without the need to refer back to  instructions. If you need to add instructions to your form, follow this advice.

Instructions for web forms

There are a number of places to include instructional information for web forms. You can add them:

  1. to the bridge page that links people to the service;
  2. to the Start page for the service; or
  3. throughout the form so people can refer to them as needed. This is the best because people work through the pages of a web form and they cannot and do not go back to refer to a start page.

Instructions for PDF forms

You also have a few options for including instructions in PDF forms:

  1. on the document download page on;
  2. on the page service page; or
  3. as an appendix at the end of the form.

If you expect people will fill out the PDF form online, you'll really want to make sure the form is self-explanatory. People will not be able to go back to refer to the instructions. 

If your form is more complex and you expect people will print it off and submit it as a package, the third option will work best.