Report a bug or request an improvement

Date adopted: 
March 4, 2020
Last update: 
July 23, 2021

Report a bug or request an improvement to Government of Yukon services and websites by following this guidance.

Report a bug

A bug could be a page that displays oddly or an error you encounter.

  1. Describe the bug so we can replicate it and find a solution. Include the following details in your email report.
    • A clear and specific email subject title. Avoid a generic subject like "website error."
    • The web browser you were using when the bug appeared.
    • An explanation of what you were trying to do and what happened.
    • The page URL or link where the error appeared.
    • A screenshot with the bug displayed.
  2. Submit your bug report. Email [email protected] for bugs. For all other services and websites, email [email protected].

Request an improvement

Government of Yukon staff can request improvements to services and websites. For example, you might have an idea to improve how a website looks or works.

  1. Describe your idea for an improvement. Include the following details in your email.
    • A clear and specific email subject title. Avoid a generic subject like "website change."
    • Who the proposed change would affect and why. For example, government staff or the public.
    • What needs to change and why. Focus on the user need.
    • How big is the problem? Does it stop you from publishing?
    • If the change isn't made:
      • What are the consequences for users?
      • How many users are affected?
    • Evidence to support making the change. This could be inquiry desk feedback, service or website feedback form submissions, user research or policy change.
    • A deadline for the change and why.
  2. Submit your request for an improvement. Email [email protected] for and [email protected] for all other services and websites.

After you request an improvement

  1. We'll respond to you to confirm we've received your request.
  2. We'll review and assess your suggestion to confirm it:
    • supports good practices;
    • meets the needs of the majority of staff using the product;
    • meets the needs of general users; and
    • can fit within the work on our product roadmap.
  3. We'll contact you and prioritize your request. We plan improvements to the eServices Platform on a quarterly basis. This means:
    • we'll tackle minor changes as they come in. Minor changes are things our team can complete in 20 minutes or less;
    • if the change is more complex, we'll add it to our product backlog.