Common terms and definitions

Date adopted: 
August 16, 2020
Last update: 
September 6, 2022

These are some of the common words and definitions you will see when working with eServices. 

  • Contract. This is a legal document binding eServices and the vendor. It describes the scope, approved budget, timeline, and payment terms of the project.
  • Fixed cost contract. The vendor assumes budget risk and ensures clearly defined scope. The scope is to be delivered by the vendor for the budget identified in the contract.
  • Progress. Work that has been completed or started since the last progress report to eServices.
  • Project. A unique undertaking with a clearly defined start and finish. The project may be associated with one contract, or several contracts.
  • Risk. An event that, should it occur, will adjust the planned schedule, scope, quality, or budget of the project.
  • Status. The current state of a project or aspect of a project. For example, budget status and schedule status.
  • Time and materials contract. The vendor and client share budget risk and manage the project scope and schedule together. We agree on a contract value cap and detailed reporting from the vendor.