User research participant consent

Date adopted: 
September 12, 2022
Last update: 
October 6, 2022

You must get consent from user research participants. This page lays out the government's guidance on how to get their consent and protect their personal information.

Participants must be able to:

  • give their consent and
  • capable of making their own decisions.

Check with your department privacy lead if your study will include:

  • people under 18 years of age; or
  • people who are not Yukon residents.

Consent template

Email to request the user research consent template.

The government's consent template is a shared agreement for the researcher and participant to proceed with the research activity. It ensures both parties understand:

  • what information you will collect;
  • why you are collecting it; and
  • how you will use the information.

You will need to update the consent template to include the specifics for your study. You must include: 

  • the purpose of the study;
  • personal information you will collect;
  • how you will use the personal information (including recording sessions);
  • disclosing personal information;
  • how long participant consent is in effect; and
  • what the government does with participant information after the user research project ends.

What to do if a participant does not give their consent

If a participant is not willing to give their consent:

  • they do not have to proceed with the study;
  • they do not need to provide you with an explanation; and
  • you must respect their decision.