Publishing and printing forms

Date d’adoption : 
29 juillet 2023
Dernière mise à jour : 
9 août 2023

Publishing PDF forms on

  • We'll provide you with a final, interactive, secure version of the form. 
  • You will email the form file to your department website manager. They will upload it to on a document download page.
  • The translation team will publish the French form when the translation is complete.

Publishing web forms

The user journey starts on Talk to your department website manager to ask them to create a page on that will link to your web form. This is the page you should promote or link to in a news release. 

You will set a publish date and your developer and the eServices web architect will coordinate publishing the service. 

You will coordinate getting the launch page published with your website manager. 

Getting forms printed

All printing requests must go through Acquisition Services and Planning.

There are 2 options for printing. In both cases, we'll provide you with a print-ready file.

  1. In-house printing on your office printer. We recommend this option for one-offs or low-volume print jobs.
  2. Commercial printing. We recommend this option for high-volume and special requests.

Contact your department Acquisition Services and Planning account manager to order commercial printing.

Publishing internal government PDF forms to SharePoint

  • We'll upload a final, interactive, secure version of the form to the internal Yukonnect repository.
  • We'll send you the link so you can access the form.