Maps and geospatial data

Date d’adoption : 
16 novembre 2023
Dernière mise à jour : 
17 novembre 2023

This page is for project teams looking to build a public-facing digital service or website that has a mapping or spatial data component. Following this ensures you integrate these elements to meet the government’s Digital Service Standards.

Geomatics review

All public-facing digital services and web applications must undergo a Geomatics review. There is 1 exception you’ll see below for inset maps indicating an office location.

Geomatics sets the guidance and standards around maps and spatial data. If you have a mapping or spatial data component to your website or digital service, geomatics should review it as early as possible.

Email [email protected] to set this up.

Types of maps and how to incorporate them

There are a variety of maps you may want to incorporate into a digital service or website. You’ll find specific advice for some of the common use cases below. If you use case is unique, email [email protected] for advice on how to proceed.

Inset maps on web applications

This is the most common type of map we see. Teams want to include an inset map that indicates an office location with a pin on their “Contact us” page.

You can use either of these options to do this. They are open source and approved by geomatics.

Leaflet and Open Street Maps

Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library developers can use to create interactive maps that work on mobile devices. Leaflet displays the map imagery and data, or tiles from Open Street Maps. 

Open maps (Government of Canada)

Open Maps will provide your developer with access the government’s geospatial information. They can use this to create inset maps.

Avoid adding an image of a map. This is not an accessible way to provide this content to the public.

Maps on

Maps are integrated into using the Places content type and use Leaflet.

Web maps

If your project is based on geospatial data and map-focused, email [email protected].

ArcGIS Online is the only type of web map permitted and they will advise you on how to proceed with your project.

Google maps

You cannot use Google maps on the government’s websites and digital services. Google's privacy collection practices do not align with the government’s requirements to protect citizens’ personal information.