Choose a domain name

Date d’adoption : 
14 avril 2022
Dernière mise à jour : 
1 février 2023

Whether you are building a new website or a transactional service, you will need a domain name. 

Start the user journey on

We direct all traffic to and from there, citizens can access the government's services and websites. Work with your communications team to make sure your website or service has a "bridge page" on These pages are where you should direct all traffic in your marketing and communications plans. 

Get guidance on how to name your service.

Avoid the following when you choose your domain name

The theme of one government applies to domain names. When you're choosing a domain name for your transactional service or website you should not use:

Transactional services

The government's naming conventions should be applied to all transactional services. eServices will determine the convention that applies to your service. There may be technical reasons they'll select 1 of the folllowing over another but, in general, these are the conventions we use.

We use for services that can reside, or be hosted on a path.

  • for Drupal webforms
  • for collection of APEX services
  • for YuDriv services

We use for 3rd party-hosted/SaaS services, one-off services that are not webforms and those unable to reside on a path. 

  • for single Proof of Vaccination service, that is remote-hosted
  • for the COVID self-assessment service


The rules for domain names and websites will depend on what type or exemption you have. We recommend you follow the guidance to purchase a domain name.