Form header

Date d’adoption : 
21 février 2018
Dernière mise à jour : 
28 décembre 2023

The header section of a PDF form must have the Government of Yukon logo on the left and the title of the form on the right.

Government of Yukon logo

All forms come with the Government of Yukon logo in the top left. In instances where the program or service is a partnership, you'll work with the forms deisgner to add an additional logo following the brand standard.

Title of your form

As you work out the title for your form, make sure you apply the government’s standards for writing titles for web pages and naming your service. These are good principles to follow, even if you're creating a form for print. 

You should also write your form title in sentence case and keep it between 50 and 70 characters long. The title of your form will be translated into French which will add to the character limit.